Printmaker Inga Darguzyte’s prints are not only about representing the geological and biological force of landscape, but also about re - enacting them manually through the gouging out of the lino, through her own hand and arm movement, and the building up of textured line through her use of the intaglio process. These small and intense prints create not so much a record of reality, but rather a feeling of intensity and force that can be equated with the larger dynamics of the natural world.

There is a strident simplicity to her selection and presentation of her subject matter and an aesthetic economy in her subtle use of colour. Yet she is not afraid of detail and complexity within each individual drawing.

Within her basic concerns of landscape and natural forms Inga Darguzyte is always willing to be experimental and to ring the changes in the ways in which she brings her vision to the paper.

Su Grierson, Scotland, 2007
Artist, President of the Scottish Artists Union between 2003-2006, currently Chair of Perthshire Visual Arts Forum